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Many alternative types of massage offered in Berks County

Thursday October 9, 2014 12:01 AM

A couple of months ago, Aaron Gauker, a licensed massage therapist, began offering a massage service that is relatively new to the area. The massage technique, called Bamboo-Fusion, involves heating a bamboo stick that then is used as a tool to massage the body after organic coconut oil is massaged into the skin. 

Warm bamboo stick massages a client's arm.
"What it can do for people who like deep pressure is, it can really get a lot deeper into the muscle tissue," Gauker said. "Since it is heated, it really relaxes the muscles, so you can get in deeper without the pain." Gauker, who lives in Exeter Township, said he first learned of the Bamboo-Fusion massage technique through a friend in the field. He caught on to the fact it was something unique. "It is a newer modality in this area," he said.

Bamboo-Fusion is one of only a few alternative types of massage offered in Berks County for those looking for an experience beyond traditional massage offerings. Gauker has found his clients to be open to trying Bamboo-Fusion.
A heating pad warms the bamboo sticks.
"People are open to do different things in this area," he said. "I offer an introductory to them to let them experience it first." Aside from using the bamboo stick as a tool, Gauker also incorporates his hands, so that it's not too much of a departure from what one would expect from a more traditional massage. "When I do bamboo massage, I take the (Bamboo-Fusion) routine that I was taught but I make it my own, to be able to have that energy touch with my hands," he said.
Stocks of bamboo used in Bamboo-Fusion massages.

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Aaron Gauker, PA LMT
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